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Despite A No-Show At E3 2018, There’s Still Hope That From Software Is Still Making A New Armored Core

Hidetaka Miyazaki clarified on the three games that were teased in the works


E3 2018 saw not one, but three games from From Software being announced. One is a new IP, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to be published by Activision, another is a remaster of cult-hit Metal Wolf Chaos handled by Devolver Digital and an all-new VR game called Déraciné, which is harkening back to the studios’ roots of making first-person adventure games.

Back in last year, studio head Hidetaka Miyazaki teased that the studio was working on three games back in 2016. But going by the E3 2018 announcement, all the games have been announced, right? Not quite.

Miyazaki has clarified in an interview with  Games Talk (via Siliconera) that out of the three games in development, Déraciné is not one of the three teased before.

“In a past interview I talked about three major development lines that are in the works, ” he said. “But Déraciné is not one of those. I just wanted to let some of the FromSoftware fans know that.”

Miyazaki declined to comment when asked if this is regarding Armored Core and its fans.

There’s still hope to see Armored Core appear again soon. In 2017, there was a tweet from From Software’s Yasunori Ogura that the new Armored Core may take a while to arrive.

In the meantime, there is a Switch-exclusive game called Daemon X Machina announced with various former Armored Core working on the mech action game.

via Siliconera