Crimson Desert’s Latest Gameplay Trailer Looks Wild

Crimson Desert, the single-player game by MMO makers Pearl Abyss, has finally resurfaced since its explosive reveal in 2020. And the trailer they showed at Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live looks ridiculous, in a good way.

The trailer just shows gameplay after gameplay, with so many systems and mini-games being on screen. Here’s just a list of wild things that you can see happening in the Crimson Desert trailer:

  • Sword clashes
  • Arm wrestling
  • Open skirmishes against multiple soldiers
    • Splashing puddles
    • Toppleable and destructible wooden objects, like wooden towers
  • Archery, including horseback archery
  • A crime/wanted system
  • Day-and-night cycle (implied by UI showing in-game time)
  • Taking quests from notice boards
  • Carrying a sheep
  • Stealing a wagon
  • Freeing tied-up hostages
  • Buying/selling items at shops
  • Drinking water from fountains
  • Fishing
  • Harvesting mushrooms
  • Petting a dog
    • Carrying a dog
  • Playing a flute (while wearing a wolf pelt hood)
  • Resting by a hay
  • Ride a hot air baloon
  • Enter a mysterious portal filled with geometrical imagery
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Struggling through shrubbery
  • Climb trees and walls (and enemies)
  • Tame a horse
  • Visiting a gravestone
  • Using some kind of magic power
  • Using a pole to leap over a palisade into an encampment
  • Leap out of a horse over a cliff
  • Skydiving
  • Fight a boss
  • Cinematic QTEs

All of this happened in the span of three and a half minutes, without a single dialogue uttered.

Developer Pearl Abyss has provided some context to what we see here. The trailer shows off protagonist Kilff and his adventures in the Hernand region, part of the Pywel continent. Combat features motion-captured moves. And this is all powered by Pearl Abyss proprietary game engine, the BlackSpace Engine.

Crimson Desert sure has the ambition of Black Desert. The latter crammed so, so many different systems and mechanics to keep you busy and engaged for hours, sometimes overwhelmingly so. Crimson Desert isn’t trying to do one thing really good, let’s just hope it sticks to its landing because this looks rather ambitious.

Crimson Desert has no release date yet, but it will have a simultaneous global release on PC and consoles.

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