Crimson Desert Is A Single-Player Open World Adventure From The Makers Of Black Desert, Coming Winter 2021

As teased before, developers Pearl Abyss (of MMORPG Black Desert fame) has revealed the first gameplay trailer of their next big game, Crimson Desert.

Crimson Desert is described as an open-world action adventure game “that combines elements of narrative driven single-player games with online multiplayer functionality”. So it’s not another MMO, but it’s not completely offline either.

In Crimson Desert, you take on the role of Macduff, a leader of a mercenary group currently in conflict. The setting, the continent of Pywel, is currently in a power struggle as the King Of Demeniss lies in coma.

The gameplay trailer is both spectacular and rough at the same time. Pywel has various different biomes, races (including non-humans) and beasts. But no voice acting is shown yet. Combat makes liberal use of hit stuns with fast animations, but you can clearly see the choppy framerate.

This is still a work-in-progress, as clearly marked at the start of the trailer. Crimson Desert looks to combine the great aspects of Black Desert (in particular the immaculate character models and fun-looking combat system) for a non-MMO crowd.

And that is already promising, especially if you’re a fan of Black Desert or medieval action games like Dragon’s Dogma.

Crimson Desert is set for release in Winter 2021 (that’s December 2021 the earliest) coming to consoles and PC, so there’s a lot more time for more polishing.

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