Chuan Bounced Back To Win Malaysia Cyber Games 2018 Street Fighter V Tournament

Still the best Street Fighter V player in Malaysia

Last month, top Street Fighter V player in Malaysia IamChuan faced a heart-breaking defeat at Comic Fiesta 2017, finishing 3rd after losing to Singapore’s SKZ. Chuan may have some spotty records facing against international players, but in an all-Malaysian tournament, he’s clearly the favourite to win.

And clearly, he did.

The Street Fighter V tournament at Malaysia Cyber Games 2018 will be the last tournament for Season 2 of the game, with Season 3 coming alongside Arcade Edition which also brings new balance changes. Over 64 participants entered the tournament, with many familiar faces within the Malaysian Fighting Game Community taking part.

The Grand Finals saw the classic match-up of Chuan VS Kofmaster. The two first clash during the IT Centre Cup at Berjaya Times Square back in 2016, which landed them a contract with Flash Vision. Now both being free agents, the two brought some excellent rounds of Guile VS F.A.N.G.

The fighting games tournament did not get any screen time at the Malaysia Cyber Games 2018, and their stations located far back away from casual spectators. But here is some footage of the Grand Finals courtesy of Geek Empire:

Chuan walks home with RM10,000 for the win. Kofmaster gets RM5,000 for his efforts. The top four rounds up with one representative of the big esports organisation in the Malaysia FGC, VS.AMG | FV NekoXX  of Flash Vision and INC | RedbeanJeanne of Infinite Carnage.

The top 8 is as follows:
1. IamChuan
2. Kofmaster
3. VS.AMG | FV NekoXX
4. INC | RedbeanJeanne
5. VS.AMG | FV.Hentai_Tail
VS.AMG| FV Exalmer
7. Free

Congratulations to all the winners. The top eight all walk away with a share of the RM25,000 prize pool. Bold claims were made that winners will be paid on day of prize-giving, but we have received reports that it will be transferred at most three months after the tournament is over, like most tournaments are usually handled.

Images courtesy of Geek Empire


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