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Comic Fiesta ’17: Road To EVO Japan 2018 Street Fighter V Tournament’s Final Matches Were Intense


The Road To EVO Japan 2018 Street Fighter V Tournament was an intense one. Held during Comic Fiesta 2017 at KLCC last week, 48 participants were there to prove themselves worthy of a free ticket to Japan next month for EVO Japan. This will be the first EVO to be held outside of the US.

The tournament was stacked with killer talents. Malaysia’s top player IamChuan, now a free agent, is set to prove he is still the man to beat, especially now that his name is under the Minister Of Youth And Sports’ radar as the top player in the country. YassBass777, now playing under the VS. AMG| FV banner, returns home to Malaysia just in time to participate in the tournament. There were also international talents coming in as well, most notably Fubarduck, the FV Cup 2017 Marvel VS Capcom Infinite 1st runner-up and Singapore’s SKZ coming here to get a hold of the main prize.

The whole tournament was held in one day. It was unfortunate that most of the matches could not be streamed, because there were a lot of emotions that the players and crowd had to go through. SKZ’s Cammy was so on point that day that he gets the upper hand against Chuan in the first Top 8 match. But that solid playstyle was soon rattled when he faced YassBass at the winners’ finals. SKZ got a lot of momentum at the start, but soon YassBass finally unleashed a very aggressive Dhalsim. Dhalsim is mostly known for his zoning capabilities, playing it safe and defensively. But Yassbass was bolstering that defense with tons of pressure and rushes.

Fubarduck made it to the Top 8 from the losers side, but the seasoned competitor shows composure, taking down Infinite Carnage’s RedBeanJeannee and Dublexcity. The next match was a long, close bout against Chuan which stretched to the final game, with the final round determining who wins. Chuan managed to edge out.

Fubarduck settles for fourth place, his use of R, Mika was remarkable throughout the day.

The rematch of SKZ and Chuan at the losers’ finals was a heartbreaker. It garnered the biggest crowd that day, mostly because it’s the last game before the grand finals, played at the main stage. But the crowd was mostly silent, hoping that Chuan’s Guile can make a comeback against the SKZ’s Cammy. The matchup is generally in favour of Cammy, but Chuan shows flashes of brilliance as he adapted his playstyle to further push for the win. Despite leading and scoring the first two games, SKZ was unfazed, catching up with a comeback to tie the game 2-2. Chuan however was getting relentless, even cussing out loud one time out of frustration, until he eventually lost the final game.

Chuan was visibly gutted the loss, which puts him in third place. He did not attend the awards ceremony afterwards.

As for the grand finals on the main stage, YassBass’ Dhalsim has no problems dispatching SKZ. This was the third and last fighting game finals on the stage, with Marvel VS Capcom Infinite and Tekken 7 was won by an international player, YassBass had to win this one for the home crowd. And he did, with a convincing 3-0.

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Congratulations to all the winners, and good luck to YassBass for his trip to EVO Japan this January.

Comic Fiesta 2017 Road To EVO Japan 2018 Street Fighter V Top 8 Results

1. VS.AMG|FV YassBass777
2. SKZ
3. IamChuan
4. Fubarduck
5. Oswaldace
VS.AMG|FV Dublexcity

Special thanks to the Malaysian Fighting Games Community for providing media access to the Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters crew for Comic Fiesta 2017

Header image courtesy of GEEK Empire