ASUS ROG Unveils Gaming Laptop Line For 2020, With 10th-Gen Intel Core CPU, RTX Super Graphics Cards

It’s gaming laptop refresh season. ASUS ROG has unveiled its lineup of gaming laptops, all getting some new refresh thanks to a new generation of CPU and GPU.

These new ROG laptops are equipped with 10th-gen Intel Core CPUs, and Nvidia GeForce RTX Super GPUs. All the Intel Core-powered ROG laptops will be using liquid metal thermal paste (Thermal Grizzly’s Conductonaut compound), with a temperature decrease of around 10-20 degrees Celcius. This was first seen on the ludicrous ROG Mothership.

This is also the first (of more) appearance of RTX Super graphics cards on a laptop form factor. Also, ASUS’ experimental 360Hz monitor panel have made way for 300Hz refresh rate panels ready for widespread use.

The new wave of gaming laptops is of two families, the normal size Strix, and the slimmer Zephyrus. Here’s a short summary of them (and links that go into more detail)

  • The entry-level Strix G now goes by as the ROG Strix G15 and G17, with at least a 144Hz monitor, and comes equipped up to an RTX 2070 Super. Also comes in a Special Edition Electro Punk colour
  • The high-end, esports-geared ROG Strix Scar 15 and 17, which got a 300Hz monitor, an RTX 2080 Super at most, and bringing the NFC-powered Keystone II that adds some interesting features
  • The entry-level slim gaming laptop ROG Zephyrus M15. Poised as the affordable of the Zephyrus line, its spec range is wide, which includes 144Hz-240Hz monitor, up to 4K resolution, and a GPU range of a GTX 1660Ti to an RTX 2070. Also has an ESS Sabre DAC for audiophiles
  • The slim but strong ROG Zephyrus S15. 18.9mm thin chassis that can pack an RTX GPU and 300Hz monitor with G-Sync
  • The ROG Zephyrus S17. 18.7mm thin, with premium physical features on the keyboard
  • The ROG Zephyrus Duo 15. It has two screens and a gaming and creative powerhouse

ROG is continuing its trend of innovating. Or do crazy things depending on how you look at it. Last year’s line was strong, and at least on the specs they have presented it looks like a strong follow-up.

There are no dates, price or availability to these upcoming laptops just yet, so stay tuned in the next few months.


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