Assetto Corsa Competizione International GT Pack – DLC Review

Assetto Corsa Competizione is the follow-up to the fantastic sim racer Assetto Corsa. It trades its wide breadth of cars and tracks for a laser-focus on the GT World Challenge series (previously Blancpain GT Series) as an official game for the motorsport championship. No supercars, no mundane but cool cars. Just GT3 race cars.

With the focus on the GT World Challenge Series, which is a European-based championship, there’s not much to go on with the selection of tracks. The new International GT Pack DLC intends to solve this issue. Is it any good and is it worth buying?

What’s In The DLC?

The International GT Pack’s main draw is the introduction of four new tracks. There are:

  • Mount Panorama, Australia
  • Suzuka Circuit, Japan
  • WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, USA
  • Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, South Africa

It’s quite the selection. Laguna Seca returns from Assetto Corsa, while the rest are all new to the franchise. Just like the rest of the tracks in the game, it’s all laser-scanned and should be accurate to their real-life counterparts. As the name of the pack implies, these tracks- plus Spa-Francorchamps which is already in the base game- are part of the Intercontinental GT Challenge series from 2019.

Also included are all the liveries, teams and drivers that took part in the 2019 Intercontinental GT Challenge. Which includes one McLaren 720S from Planex SmaCam Racing, the team a certain Mika Hakinnen made a one-off appearance in. Oh, and if you are into anime and itashas, the Black Falcon and Goodsmile Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3, rocking liveries of Promare and Hatsune Miku respectively, are there as well.

If you look at the broader gaming landscape, it might feel weird to sell maps (or tracks in this case). But it’s the nature of the license ACC is working with. The appeal of the International GT Challenge included in ACC comes from the new tracks. There are no new cars to include since all of the models are present in the base game already. The GT3 teams and drivers don’t really have the star power as, say, F1 drivers present and past (like Hakkinen).

So the pack is all about the tracks.

Around The World, Around The World

So, how are the tracks? First off, it adds some much-needed variety to the Assetto Corsa Competizione. Being limited to the GT World Challenge series has the base game’s track selection being Euro-centric. So expanding the licensing to another adjacent GT3 championship is a smart move. Now you get tracks in America, Asia, the land down under and even Africa.

The track themselves is as good as it gets. The former three I am familiar with thanks to Gran Turismo, and here in ACC it’s exactly as I (and you) expect it to look like. But ACC’s more nuanced driving physics amplifies the driving experience. The twisty, fast uphill climb at Bathurst is genuinely scary, especially how narrow it is with little room for error. It’s still an exhilarating roller coaster as you’d expect.

Suzuka, the classic grand prix track, is as flowy as you expect, and yes the ferris wheel near the final corner do light up at night as advertised. Laguna Seca’s famous cockscrew drop is well represented here as well.

The genuine surprise of the tracks is Kyalami. The track is easy to grasp for beginners, featuring a lot of high-speed corners and predictable hairpins for slow corners. And that means you will get up to speed quickly and actually battle for positions with the AI. More games should have Kyalami, it’s a fun circuit.

The new tracks can also be raced with the 2019 and 2018 GT World Challenge series cars, not locked to the new cars and teams. Also, you can run championship mode and career mode featuring just the 2019 International GT Challenge calendar.

Is It Worth Buying?

The International GT Pack DLC adds more meat to the lean ACC package. And it’s seasoned meat too- a variety of great tracks from outside Europe, which are welcomed additions. The RM32 price is decent enough. If you already invested in ACC, the DLC provides enough value for money, it’s tracks that you want to do endurance races on, especially online.

For newcomers though, better to stick to the base game first and properly master the initial track list first. ACC is one of the more demanding sim racers where a lot more elements are being modeled properly (tyre temperature, track grip conditions and formation lap/pit lane drives that are not automated). So go focus on the fundamentals first, you’re not missing out for not getting it.

Unless you really, really want to fly by the seat of your pants doing the Bathurst 12 Hours. Then go for it.

Reviewed on PC. Review code provided by 505 Games


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