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Yuke’s’ Proprietary AR Tech For Anime Live Concerts May Help Make WWE 2K Games Better

But 2K has to give the OK first


Yuke’s, the developers of the recent Earth Defence Force Iron Rain and also the annual releases of the WWE 2K wrestling games, may have an ace up their sleeves to improve their workflow. And it involves anime live concerts.

Speaking to Video Game Chronicle (VGC), senior vice president and producer at Yuke’s Hiromi Furuta said that the developers have been developing ALiS Zero, this new AR tech thanks to their experience with doing the animations in WWE 2K series.

“We’ve spent years analysing how the human body moves and how to animate it, so it’s no wonder that our research has evolved into the AR space,” she said.

The biggest advantage of ALiS Zero? The motion/performance capture is usable as is without the need for cleanup. Cleanup is required for motion capture to fine tune the animations from the capture before it’s usable in a game, which require time and manpower.

“This new system does not require anyone to edit or process the data,” Furuta said. “It immediately creates data that can be implemented directly into the game. So yes, it can save a lot of man-hours, and a lot of time overall. We are confident that this is a huge breakthrough.”

With ALiS Zero, this process is skipped entirely which makes it cheaper. The fact that the performance capture can be used as is has led its use for anime characters doing live concerts, and may as well be used for more virtual Youtubers.

Yuke’s are pretty enthusiastic with this technology, but when asked if this will be used in future WWE 2K games, Furuta said that 2K will have to make that decision. “Unfortunately, this specific technology hasn’t been adapted yet for WWE,” she explained.

“Yuke’s ultimately defers to 2K, as they are the publisher and they have the final call. However, I believe it will drastically change the efficiency of development. We would like to use it.”

Yuke’s has now set up a new internal team to create a new wrestling IP to compete with itself. The WWE 2K series has remain uncontested as the de-facto wrestling game for a long while, and the quality of the game also has took a hit thanks to annual releases and lack of competition. Maybe this new AR tech to power anime concerts can be used in this new wrestling game, perhaps?

Source: Video Game Chronicle

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