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Yoku’s Island Express Combines Pinball With Metroidvania, Out Now On PS Store Asia


Combine one idea with another that no has done before. That’s usually how indie games get their quirky ideas and this has to be the most quirky of the year.

Yoku’s Island Express is a story about Yoku the postman helping the locals of Mokumana Island with their postage and other needs while exploring the island in general. The twist is the way you navigate the island. It’s a combination of 2D platforming with some backtracking and ability unlocking (i.e. a Metroidvania) and combine it with… pinball.

Told you it was quirky.

There will be parts of the level where Yoku rolls up into a ball and you control pinball flippers instead. It’s not just straight up pinball levels, but it is integrated as part of the world where you seamlessly hop in and out of the pinball segments.

Yoku’s Island Express has been released on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch back in May, but it is only now available on PS Store Asia for RM79. This is published by Team 17, the publishers that brought you the co-op cooker/relationship destroyer Overcooked! 2.