Overcooked! 2 Now Available On PS Store Asia For RM99

Too many cooks..

A co-op game for one to four players about cooking, what can possibly go wrong?

A lot of things, apparently.

Overcooked! is about you and your friends cooking together in the most outrages of kitchens. From making fish and chips to slicing up sushis, things can get hectic really quick if you don’t work together and deliver the correct orders. It’s a deceptively simple game that will test the mettle of any relationship.

There is now a sequel and has been out early last month for the PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch. The sequel adds in more complicated levels that will force you and your fellow chefs work together. Online co-op is also added this time around.

The game has finally landed on PS Store Asia for RM99. So good news for those who wanted the game digitally. And it’s pretty cheap too.

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