WRC 8, Bee Simulator and Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory Are Coming To The Epic Games Store First

Shocking, but not surprising. Publishers Bigben announced that three of their upcoming titles will be coming first to the Epic Games Store in a one-year exclusive deal.

The games are WRC 8, Bee Simulator and Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory. These are all very different games. The first is a rally game with the official license from its biggest governing body, with new features including the ability to run and manage your own rally team. WRC 8 releases on September 5th.

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory is a CRPG set in a retro-future where computers control society. This is an adaptation of a cult tabletop game, with tons of dark humour. It will be out on October 3rd.

Bee Simulator is… a bee simulator. You play as a bee, pollen flowers, dance with other bees and explore the New York Central Park-esque location for other secrets. With a story mode and split-screen multiplayer. That will be coming out on November 14th.

These games were not revealed to be coming to specific PC platforms beforehand though each of them already has a page on Steam. Bigben has one game already on the Epic Games Store as an exclusive, the Cuthulu open-world investigation game The Sinking City.

Like Hades, we have to assume all of these games will make its way to other stores after the timed exclusivity lapsed. They did set up those pages on Steam after all.

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