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A Year After, Epic Games Store Exclusive Hades Is Coming To Steam, But Still In Early Access


Supergiant Games’ latest game is Hades, which is among the first games to be on the Epic Games Store, as an exclusive. The rougelike game is also in Early Access, released on December 6th, 2018.

On December 10th this year, the Epic Games Store exclusivity deal will end and Hades will appear on Steam Early Access.

This means that Hades is still not completed yet. Supergiant is expecting the game would be released in full in the first half of 2020, and major game updates will continue to be added in every eight weeks, with small patches releasing in-between.

If you like concrete numbers of how much content it is so far, the Steam Early Access FAQ indicates that this is what you’re getting when it launches on that platform:

  • 4 Main Biomes, plus the main hub
  • 7 Boss Fights
  • 8 Olympians, each with 12+ unique Boons
  • 6 Main Weapons
  • 25 Different Foes
  • 28 Story Characters
  • 20+ Music Tracks

Hades has you play as Zaghereus the Prince of the Underworld as he tries, again and again, to escape from the god of the dead. It’s based on Greek mythology, but framed as a coming-of-age story. No, really. You can wishlist the game here, but there’s no price tag just yet.

Supergiant is the indie team that makes completely different games gameplay-wise, but with this very polish and recognisable aesthetic the developers are known for. You might have heard them as the makers of action-RPG Bastion, the action game with a strategy tactics system Transistor and the sports-RPG Pyre, which we really like as explained in this review.

via PC Gamer