Have A Look At The Gameplay Of Lovecraftian Investigation Game The Sinking City

You might have heard of The Sinking City. Debuted at the PC Gaming Show last year, this is Frogwares’ new investigation adventure game set in 1920s America inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s works.

It has also been in the news recently as one of the many games that are releasing on Epic Games Store first as a timed exclusive.

You play as Charles W. Reed who investigating the mysterious city of Oakmont, Massachusets, which is oddly flooding, hence the title.

This gameplay video shows off a good chunk of the game, in particular highlighting the investigation mechanics. You piece together clues, reconstruct the scene and gather evidence. You get to explore the whole city in an open world fashion, talk to NPCs and there’s basic gunplay involved.

Have a look here:

Frogwares are the developers behind the recent crop of Sherlock Holmes games and if you are a fan of those, this might be up your alley.

The Sinking City will be out on June 27th for the PS4, PC (Epic Games Store) and the Xbox One.

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