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Win A PUBG Match In This Event At Battle Arena And Get A Chicken Dinner

Winner Winner


Win a PUBG match and you will be greeted with the congratulatory message “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!”. It’s a common phrase in the West, but thanks to the explosive popularity of the battle royale game, has seen popularity worldwide.

Battle Arena, a brand new Internet Cafe in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia is taking that phrase to its literal core in its upcoming event, simply called the Chicken Dinner. Play matches of PUBG at the venue, all equipped with high-specs gaming PCs, win a match and claim your chicken dinner.

It’s a pretty rad gimmick for soft launch. Battle Arena is still in its soft launch phase where anyone can enter and play for free until January 31st. You can find them located in Jaya Shopping Centre at the 5th floor. The Chicken Dinner event will be happening on January 20th.

(But not as rad as Yakuza 0’s gimmick, which garnered our “Best Underrated Game Award” in 2017.

For more information, refer to Battle Arena’s official Facebook page here. and its event page here for terms and conditions.

Image header courtesy of Battle Arena