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Warframe’s The Jovian Concord Update Out Now On PC


The Jovian Concord, Warframe’s latest mainline update, has finally dropped on PC, with a console release soon after.

Here is the trailer, which features regular antagonist Alad V introducing the new Gas City and his latest creation: the Amalgams. These are new enemy type, Corpus and Sentient hybrids.

Otherwise known as Update 25, The Jovian Concord update is bringing in a fresh remaster of the Gas City tileset found exclusively on Jupiter- adjusted with parkour in mind.

Here’s a comparison of the remastered tiles versus the original.

Alongside the Gas City remaster is a new node on Jupiter called Ganymede which plays host to the new game mode Disruption. Think of it as an endless version of the mobile defence mode (or a horde mode but you trigger the waves manually). Kill conduits to get keys to activate conduits, which then need to be protected for a set time. These conduits also drop random boons for players, or buffs the enemies or trigger environmental hazards.

Performing well by triggering multiple conduits at once and you can get better loot drops faster, skipping some rotation from the usual A-A-B-C drop tables rotation. The node is unlocked if you’ve finished the Natah quest and a clan operation- Hostile Mergers, will be available.

For the veterans the new Ropalolyst is waiting to be taken down. You need to finish The Chimera Prologue quest to gain access to this.

New Warframe: Wisp

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Wisp is the 40th Warframe and also comes with The Jovian Concord. She can be invisible in the air as her passive ability. Ability 1, Reservoir, drops a buff of your choice for you and allies which includes faster attacks and movement, a bump to max health with regen, and stun nearby enemies. Ability 2, Wil-O-Wisp sends out a spectral image, pressing it again teleports you to the spectral’s position.

Ability 3 is Breach Surge where enemies around the area get stunned and dealing damage to them will spark surges that spreads to other enemies. Her final ability, Sol Gate, summons a long beam of pure sunlight.

Here are the weapons, and cosmetics newly added with the Jovian Concord:

  • Fulmin – Wisp’s signature weapon that can alternate from short electric discharages to an automatic lighting gun.
  • Wisp Gaoth Helmet
  • Sirocco Kavat Armour
  • Komorex – Corpus sniper rifle with burst toxin rounds
  • Cyanex- Automatic pistol with ricocheting projectiles. Alt-fire empties the clip in one burst
  • Nyx Pasithea Collection – Deluxe skin for Nyx Warframe. Includes Nyx Pasithea skin, Enthra Syandana and Hecaton shotgun skin

Alongside that are a bunch of new mods, mostly coming in sets. A lot of these mods affect your parkour abilities, not something seen in the pool of mods so far. You can find the full list here.

With this update, trading items now will require you to have two-factor authentication setup. Go here to set up that, and you will be rewarded with the Fae Path Ephermea cosmetic.

Lastly, there’s a bunch of nice UI changes and random mod packs are now removed, replaced with mod packs that you will know exactly what is included- no more loot boxes.

Source: Warframe, Warframe Forums