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Warframe’s Next New Open World Update, The Duviri Paradox, Looks Utterly Bizarre


Tennocon 2019 showcased the major new update for the free-to-play looter-shooter Warframe coming later this year: Empyrean. It has space ships you can pilot and customise, you can steal other space ships, have other players support you with the Squad Link system, and even a nemesis system on top. It’s a lot of new things to do.

But at the end of the live Empyrean gameplay demo is a teaser of what’s to come- the next open world update. Previously known as the Plains of Duviri , The Duviri Paradox looks utterly bizarre, even by Warframe’s standard. And also heavy on spoilers.

Take a look at the trailer here, and be warned of spoilers– if you are playing Warframe and haven’t finished the Second Dream quest, look away.

The Duviri Paradox may be a weird time-paradox of existence that we will get to explore. The operator here is seen all grown up, space child no more. The spaceship that’s the most visible landmark in the black-and-white reality looks like the Zariman 10-0, the spaceship which the Tenno came from.

This has lead to many lore discussions and speculations in the community, and that should keep Warframe fans to look forward for next year. This is not another Plains Of Eidolon and Fortuna open worlds.