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The New Proton Iriz Rally Car Is Playable In WRC 8

Race with this local boi.


With the launch of the latest WRC game coming real soon, our keen eyes here at GM notice something peculiar at the game’s bonus car list.

Besides the amazing list of legendary cars, there’s a little local pride within them.

Yup,the 2020 Proton Iriz R5 will be playable in WRC 8. Don’t believe us? Well, there was an early access build available to PC players and user KVG had a good run with it below. And boy the car looks fun to drive.

UPDATE 4/9/2019: Bigben has released a proper trailer for all the legendary and bonus cars available in WRC 8. The Proton Iriz R5 will debut in the WRC rallies next year, hence the inclusion. The car will be available for all game modes.

WRC 8 will launch on September 5 for PS4,Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Epic Games Store.