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The Inca Returns In Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Inca people, looking for a place to go...


The Inca, a mainstay civ in previous Civilization games, returns for Civilization VI’s second expansion Gathering Storm.

While a few of the revealed new civs have unique setbacks like Canada cannot declare surprise wars and the Maori having no land at the start, the Inca plays more closer to the usual civs, with slight modifiers.

The Inca makes use of mountains and hills like no other civs can. Its unique ability Mita’a allows you to work mountain tiles, which usually is only useful for district bonuses when playing other civs. Putting your population to work on mountains yields production and also food if adjacent to The Inca’s unique improvement, terrace farms. This can be built on hill tiles and provide food and works best when adjacent to each other for more bonuses.

The Inca also has access to the Warak’aq, a unique recon unit that can attack twice as long as it does not use movement points in the same turn.

Leading The Inca is Pachacuti. His unique ability, Qhapaq Nan, will make your trade routes produce extra food for each mountain tile that exist inside the origin city’s borders. Pachacuti also allows The Inca to build the Qhapaq Nan, an early version of Mountain Tunnels so you can cross those mountains earlier than any civ.

The Inca works nice as an isolationist. Building internal trade routes should see your cities grow quickly and the fact that they are on high ground and surrounded by mountains means it’s hard to invade. On paper, this seems like a great civ to build tall (less cities, bigger population).

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will be out on PC (Steam) on February 14th, 2019.

Source: Civilization