Civilization VI: Gathering Storm New Civ Canada Is So Nice They Can’t Declare Surprise Wars

Oh Canada...

The association of Canada being a land of nice, good folks continue in Civilization VI’s upcoming expansion, Gathering Storm. Canada is another new civ joining the 4X strategy game.

Canada’s unique ability is Four Faces of Peace, which makes Canada cannot declare surprise wars on other civs, and cannot declare war on city-states. However, other civs cannot declare surprise wars on Canada either. In addition, Canada gets more Diplomatic Favor from completing Emergencies or Scored Competitions, giving them an advantage for a diplomatic win, also a new addition to the expansion.

Canada can also build Ice Hockey Rink. Only one can be made per city and has adjency bonus next to snow, snow hills, tundra and tundra hills tiles. It also grants more bonus yields by the endgame, adding Tourism, Production and even Food.

As for the unique unit, Canada gets the Mountie, which can build National Parks. The modern era unit also gains combat bonus when they are on Canada’s National Parks.

The leader, Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier, has the ability called The Last Best West. This allows Canada to thrive in the otherwise useless tundra tiles, as you can build farms on it. Buying snow and tundra tiles is also reduced by half and resources found in snow and tundra have double yield.

Canada is designed to thrive in the cold lands and like Russia, has the ability to acquire large lands quickly. By the late game, they can be strong isolationist, away from war and more busy gaining favours for the Diplomatic Victory, or Culture Victory.

This is the third revealed civilization after Maori and Hungary. Civilization VI Gathering Storm will add 8 new civs and 9 new leaders, alongside many new gameplay changes. It will be released on February 14th for PC (Steam).

Source: Civilization


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