Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Adding New Civ The Maori

Haka dance intensifies

Maori is the next new civilisation to join Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. Not only this is something fans always wanted, but it also offers some very interesting gameplay gimmicks, more than just the usual bonuses.

Maori’s civ ability is Mana, where the civ begins the game with the Sailing and Shipbuilding techs straight away. The Maoris also benefits from unimproved Woods and Rainforest (with more production yield) and their fishing boats yield more food and produces a culture bomb (adjacent tiles immediately claimed as your territory) when first constructed.

Maori also replaces the Amphitheater district with the Marae gives culture and also faith to all tiles with a passable feature like floodplains with bonus Tourism in the late game. Maori’s unique unit is the Toa, a Classical Era melee unit that can construct Pa, a fortress, and has the Haka dance unique promotion which weakens adjacent enemy unit.

But the game-changer comes from its leader, Kupe. The “Kupe’s Voyage” ability means the Maori under Kupe’s leadership starts in the sea and you get science and culture for each turn until you found a city. Once founded, you get a free builder unit, extra population and more housing and amenities.

Usually, you are encouraged to settle on Turn 1 due to massive disadvantages for not doing so. These bonuses allows the Maori to scout for the perfect coastal start without too much of a penalty, in theory. The Toas can lead to a very defensive playstyle (or a slow, turtling snowball of death) in the early game.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will also add many gameplay changes, including climate change (which will surely impact naval-based civs like the Maori), World Congress and more civs. There will be eight new civs and 9 new leaders. The previously revealed civ was Hungary.

The expansion will be out on PC February 14th, 2019.

Source: Civilization


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