The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road Expansion Now Available On PC And Mac

The new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, Gold Road, is now available on PC and Mac, with the launch consoles to follow on June 18.

The new expansion, or new “Chapter” as publisher Bethesda likes to call it, adds 30 hours of main quest content in the new zone called West Weald.

Gold Road also adds the new Scribing system that adds more ability customisation for players to tinker with. And lore-wise, there’s a new Daedric Prince at the heart of the story, Ithelia the Forgotten Prince, first introuduced last year during the Shadows Over Morrowind saga.

Gold Road’s arrival comes alongside Update 42, a free game update that improves the in-game mail, adds a new achievement to celebrate the game’s 10th year anniversary and more. Full patch notes can be found here.

ESO launched 10 years ago as an MMORPG spin-off to The Elder Scrolls series. And since then, it continues to have a big enough playerbase to continue this long support of free updates and paid expansions and DLCs.

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