Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Revealed, Releasing This June

Bethesda revealed the latest chapter for the ever-ongoing The Elder Scrolls Online. Called Gold Road, this new expansion (or “Chapters” as the game refers them as) will bring 30 hours worth of new main quest content, releasing later this June.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road’s story will pick up the storyline by the end of last year’s Necrom Chapter. In Gold Road, you’ll be investigating Ithelia, a Daedric Prince that has yet to ever be featured in the Elder Scrolls series so far. The adventures in Gold Road will see you traverse parts of Tamriel last seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In particular, the West Weald, home to the Wood Elves just south of the Imperial City in southern Cyrodill.

Players can also expect a new system called Scribing. This allows full customisation of a skill, where you can edit the primary, secondary and tertiary effects.

Alongside that, expect Gold Road to add two new zones and new enemies.

ESO Gold Road will launch on June 3 for PC and Mac, and June 18 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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