The Biggest New Feature From Red Dead Redemption II On PC? A Full-Fledged Photo Mode

Red Dead Redemption II is out now on PC, bringing in some bits of new content here and there as well as improved graphics quality and performance.

But the biggest feature of them all that kind of got not much mention until now? Arguably, a photo mode. A full-fledged photo mode.

Before this, the only way to take nice screenshots on consoles is either from the cutscenes, or by turning all the HUD elements off, or use the in-game camera which is appropriately highly limited in function. This full-fledged photo mode is what you expect from the usual game photo mode. Filters, free camera, aperture and contrast settings, the whole shebang.

And with that, you can get some creative angles with your shots, like some examples we have here.

And yes, you can take an even closer look at how the horses’ testicles are when they are out in the cold winter.

To access the photo mode, hit F6 anytime during gameplay. You can also map it to a controller by replacing the camera change button to a photo mode button. The photo mode is only available in Story Mode.

This is new, and not seen in the console version. Though whether or not the photo mode feature will make it to consoles is still unknown at this time.

Red Dead Redemption II is out now on PC for the Rockstar Games Launcher and Epic Games Store, with a release on Steam coming this December.


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