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Take A Look At The Combat In Marvel’s Spider-Man In Action


As we are getting closer to Marvel’s Spider-Man release, more info on the upcoming open-world action game by Insomniac has emerged. This is time, the folks at Game Informer has got the scoop on a breakdown on how the combat works in Spider-Man.

At first glance, it has a lot of similarities to the tried-but-true Arkham games. But the twist is that Spidey isn’t a straight-up brawler. Rather, his abilities in battle allows him to use the web-slings to good use. Grabbing and throwing objects, launching enemies in mid-air and jumping and slinging webs around the area of fight is all fair game. Creative Director Bryan Intihar calls it “improvised combat”, and the Spidey we see is totally accustomed with his abilities already at this time.

Also, Insomniac also added a spin to Spider-Man’s arsenal by including multi-purpose gadgets. It’s a throwback to the developers’ legacy on making cool gadgets from Ratchet & Clank as well as Sunset Overdrive, but the video snippet we see here showcases that it has the potential for more creative uses.

Marvel’s Spider-Man swings by to store on September 7th, exclusively on the PS4.

Source: Game Informer