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Super Mario Odyssey’s Latest Trailer Summarises What It Has To Offer


Already got a Nintendo Switch? If you are waiting for the next big Nintendo release, it’s coming really soon in the form of Super Mario Odyssey. Odyssey will offer the same kind of experience as Super Mario 64- the genesis of 3D platforming games, and Super Mario Sunshine.

But it will also be wackier. Mario now partners up with Cappy that allows him to “capture” items and beings to stop Bowser from marrying Princess Peach. And Bowser hired evil wedding planners to stop Mario.

The latest trailer here explains more of the gameplay loop. Mario has to collect Power Moons to power up his hat-shaped ship called the Odyssey to go to various kingdoms, each with its own unique look.

Super Mario Odyssey will be out exclusively on the Switch on October 27.