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Street Fighter V’s Kanzuki Beach Stage Is Actually In Malaysia


This might not be major news, but still interesting to report on. Most stages in the Street Fighter games have a country or a certain geographical location tied to it, to sell the idea of the world warriors going around the world to do fisticuffs. Street Fighter V downplays this notion by not specifying the countries for each stage.

This will change in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. The new Arcade Mode will bring back a lot of small details from past games (and there’s a lot of things to do) and one of them is showing the location of the next stage they are travelling to, not just the stage name.

The surprise here is that there is already a stage set in Malaysia all this time. Malaysia Fighting Game Community member Fitri Amir first pointed out a screenshot in the Capcom Unity blog that showed a Malaysian flag in the Arcade Mode loading screens, hinting at a new stage located in the country.

But after Capcom streamed a big chunk of the Arcade Mode today it was later discovered that the stage in Malaysia is none other than Kanzuki Beach.

This is the DLC stage that is banned in tournament play due to the ocean waves that hindered visibility of the floor, giving advantage for certain characters with moves that uses the floor.

It does makes sense. The resort in the background has this Southeast Asian look to it, and let’s not forget that Malaysian development house Streamline Studios are involved with the game’s development, which may or may not influence this decision.

That means Kanzuki Beach was the first Southeast Asian stage to appear in Street Fighter V, before Thailand, a throwback to Street Fighter II, was available this year.

Thanks to Fitri Amir from the Malaysian Fighting Game Community Facebook page for discovering this