Thailand Stage And School-Themed Costumes Coming To Street Fighter V

Continuing the world warriors theme of the series, Street Fighter V finally returns to one of the more iconic locales the series have taken place on: Thailand. First teased at WonderCon 2017, it will be available on April 25, either purchased with real money for $4 USD or using the in-game currency priced at 70,000 Fight Money.

Curiously, the Capcom Unity post only mentions the stage to be the first time we see M. Bison, and no mention of the hulking man with the Tiger Uppercut, Sagat, is to be seen considering this was his stage. The character is a fan-favourite, and one of the more fan requested ones.

Alongside that, three new school-themed costumes will also be available for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri. All three of these are premium costumes, so it’s only purchasable with real money. For the price of $4 USD a pop, the costumes look really well done. Check out the gallery below.

This is a light content drop for the month to make way for some big mid-season balance changes. A few more new characters for Season 2 should arrive by the next few months.


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