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Street Fighter V Now Has A Guild/Clan System, Join One And Get A Free (Customisable) Stage


This is unexpected. Street Fighter V wants to offer you more rewards and more reasons to get better at the game with a new clan/guild system, referred to as a Dojo.

Joining a Dojo requires you to sync your account to the Shadaloo C.R.I. which is basically an online resource/official site for everything Street Fighter, from lore dumps to useful character-specific stats. Go there and login using your CFN ID, something you should already have if you’ve played the game already.

Then you need to join a dojo of your choice. Doing that will earn you a free Dojo stage. Interestingly enough, you can customise the stage with whatever props you like. More customisation items can be found in the Fighting Chance (i.e. loot boxes) but these Dojo items will have a separate category to the main drops that offer colours and costumes.

Just playing the game, either offline or online, allows you to increase your Dojo rank, with exclusive rewards for all members in the top ranking Dojos each month. There are also many other community-centric features, as you would expect from a clan/guild system such as viewing profiles and commenting on other dojo members.

The fighting game community has always been tight-knitted, especially through offline weekly tournaments. But this is a nice feature to have. As long as there’s enough moderation going on in these online communities, it should help keep players coming back.

The Dojo feature will be live for Street Fighter V on September 25th for PS4 and PC.

Source: Capcom Unity