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Shadow Of War’s Photo Mode Is Good At Highlighting Its Beauty (And Blemishes)


Photo mode is slowly becoming a standard feature seen in big games, and that’s pretty cool to see. It allows people to take their own personalised screenshots, helps highlight the great graphics that is on offer and also helps boost the game’s visibility as these pictures get shared around in social media.

Shadow Of War also has one this time, and boy is it full of features. There’s plenty of settings to mess around with, and you have a lot of freedom when positioning your camera. But the robust photo mode has also made it easier to spot the game’s uneven graphical quality. Not saying the game looks terrible- it looks wonderful at times, but you can see where the corners have been cut.

Take for instance, this series of pictures. The first one looks rather normal, but actually it was hiding an awkward conga line of orcs blazing through the city of Minas Ithil in the first few hours of the game.

Activating photo mode can be a tricky- it’s L3 + triangle on the PS4. But as long as it is during gameplay and not in the pre-rendered cut-scenes you can activate it at any time. Before sieges, when an Orc Captain is clashing swords as he introduce himself, during conversations with NPCs in quests. It’s all fair game. That means if you’re on the hunt for clipping errors, awkward animations and some low-res textures you can easily do so.

But here’s the thing: this isn’t a bad thing. Shadow Of War relies so heavily on dynamic systems these are bound to happen. For a game as large as this, not every corner could have been polished. But it’s fine, photo mode is entirely optional anyway and with some ingenuity, all those blemishes can be mitigated.

Stay tuned for the full review of Shadow Of War, coming soon.