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Several Staff From Respawn Entertainment Has Left To Work At Infinity Ward

And the wheel turns again


Several staff from Respawn Entertainment have now left the studio to work at Infinity Ward, one of the studios working on Call Of Duty. A Reddit thread has pointed out at least seven members of Repsawn to have left the now-EA studio. The moves have started as early as Februrary 2017. At least three of the staff were former Infinity Ward developers.

Respawn was founded after the fallout between Activision and Infinity Ward founders¬†Vince Zampella and Jason West over royalties for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Respawn created Titanfall, an FPS that expanded on Call Of Duty’s fast-paced action by providing more mobility options such as wallrunning and jet pack jumping, which also influenced Call Of Duty to move in that direction for the past few years.

Respawn was acquired by EA for $450 million USD and are now working to another Titanfall and a new Star Wars game. Infinity Ward’s next game, rumours suggesting that it may be Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4, should be out next year.