Respawn Entertainment Are Working On A New Star Wars Game

Respawn Entertainment, the studio made by ex-Call Of Duty developers, has announced that they are working on a Star Wars game with EA. In a blog post on the dev’s site, the game will be a third-person shooter helmed by Stig Asmussen, who once led the development of God of War III. No other info is provided on what the game is, even a working title of some sort, other than Respawn is currently hiring. Understandable, as they are also working on the sequel to Titanfall which they have announced and teased months back.

In a separate blog post by EA, Respawn is joining the many other developers currently working on a Star Wars game, including the one by Visceral (with Uncharted writer Amy Henning in the team), Motive (the studio by Jade Raymond, who once worked on the Assassin’s Creed series), DICE (Star Wars Battlefront), Bioware (Star Wars The Old Republic) and many more still in the works. EA currently owns the exclusive rights to produce all the Star Wars games after the closure of Lucasfilm’s in-house game studio LucasArts (and them selling off to Disney).

We have to wait and see when will all the Star Wars titles in development will be properly announced. Star Wars fans have plenty of games to dive in lately. Let’s hope it isn’t something dumbed down like what happened to Battlefront.

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