See More Of The Slice-Of-Life Cyberpunk Game Nivalis In This New Trailer

A new trailer for Ion Lands’ upcoming cyberpunk slice-of-life game Nivalis has been revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2023.

There’s a similar vibe this trailer had with the last one, but this time, the voiceover is explicitly telling you what the game is all about.

Nivalis is set in a cyberpunk world, but rather than be a cyberpunk or some hero in a grand conspiracy, you’re here to live out a life, working on an inherited noodle shop, and see where life goes from there. The rare game where you get to indulge in the fantasy of living in a cyberpunk world, but as a regular person.

There are some snippets of gameplay. You can decorate your house with plants, or go fishing on a boat. And yes, the threat of a serial killer on the loose is still a thing.

Nivalis will be released in 2024 for PC (SteamEpic Games Store).

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