Season 2 For Tekken 7 Brings Wall Bounces, Gameplay Changes And DLC Characters Lei And Anna

At Evo 2018, a new season pass was announced with past games’ favourites Lei Wulong and Anna Williams returning to the fighting game. That new season pass is now available, with both characters ready to download.

However, it’s more than just new paid content. The new season of Tekken 7 features some gameplay changes too. There’s now auto-combos when you mash the same buttons repeatedly, handy for newcomers to get a feel of the game. Expert and competitive players will appreciate the new wall bounce which should open more opportunities for longer combo strings, making the wall even more dangerous than ever.

Small changes to the UI are also included, which is always nice to see.

Tekken 7 is a solid fighting game, as per our review, and if you have any interest of the series before, this is still a good time to hop back in.

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