Evo 2018: Season Pass 2 For Tekken 7 Adds Lei, Anna And.. Negan From The Walking Dead?

As the new Evo champion for Tekken 7 was crowned at Evo 2018, another announcement of content was made. More characters are coming by way of a new season pass.

Two fan-favourite characters from past entries are making a comeback. Anna Williams, sister of Nina, is back sporting a black mourning dress in contrast to her sister’s default wedding gear. Lei Wulong, the martial arts experts slash cop is also returning now with a more grizzly look. You can now have your fake Bruce Lee versus fake Jackie Chan matches again.

Also revealed was a new guest character and it’s.. Negan from The Walking Dead TV series by AMC. Yeah, a really interesting pick for that one.

Three more characters will also be included in Season Pass 2, yet to be revealed. So dreams of seeing Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu as a guest character is not dead yet.

Korean player LowHigh took the reigns as champion for Tekken 7 at Evo 2018, defeating Qudans. American Lil Majin made a great run to come up third, ahead of last year’s champion JDCR at fourth. Thailand’s Book, who we’ve seen played around Southeast Asia all these years had a tremendous run to finish fifth.

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