Satisfactory Update 8 Now Live In Early Access – UE5 Engine Upgrade, Vehicle Physics Improvements And More

Satisfactory, the first-person factory builder game by Coffee Stain Studios, has finally received Update 8. Previously released only in the Experimental branch as an opt-in option, Update 8 is now live in the main Early Access build.

As previously revealed, Update 8 sees some of behind-the-scenes changes to the game. The game engine is now updated to use Unreal Engine 5 from Unreal Engine 4. The vehicle physics engine has been improved (vehicle tyres won’t be bouncing about when driving through smooth foundation tiles). And there’s now upscaling support for all three flavours – Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR and Intel XeSS.

As for content, there’s now a blueprint feature where you can save builds to later plop them, saving time for those looking to make big factories. Power Towers lets you connect power lines over longer distances (with an option to have it also be a zipline). And plenty of more minor addition and changes.

You can check out the full patch notes here. Or, watch the patch notes, as delivered by the Coffee Stain Studios community team.

Satisfactory is currently in Early Access available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

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