Satisfactory Update 8 Teases Big Power Pylons

Coffee Stain Studios’ Early Access game Satisfactory continues to tease its upcoming update, Update 8, with a new teaser.

The teaser showcased the dune desert filled with possibly new things. The ones that clearly stand out the most- enough for the thumbnail to blur it out- are the big power pylons.

Satisfactory has some power poles, but nothing of this scale so far.

More fascinating is how the wires of the power pylons are laid out. For context, all power lines in the game can double as a zipline as a way to traverse factories and the world.

This could possibly be hinting that these power lines on the big power pylons can do that too.

Satisfactory already has plenty of ways to traverse the open world, from building long tubes to driving a vehicle. But more ways to make traversing long distances faster, and building the infrastructure easier (imagine creating power pylons up this high manually with just power poles).

There’s more to it than just the pylons in the teaser, and you can read the comments to see players speculating about the many other new things being teased here.

Update 8 for Satisfactory will also include a change of game engine from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. As such, expect this to arrive a bit later than expected.

Satisfactory tasks you and up to three other players to create factories to manufacture various materials and equipment in a desolate, beautiful planet full of flora and fauna (that you’ll have to clear out to make way for factories).

Satisfactory is out now in Early Access on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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