Road Redemption Is A Motorcycle Racing Game With Combat, Out Now

Remember Road Rash? It was an arcade motorcycle racing game where you could bash the competition by punching racers in the face, or swing a bat in the middle of the race. It’s over-the-top as you would expect from an arcade game like Burnout.

While we may not see a new Road Rash anytime soon, another indie studio has stepped in to fill the void. Road Redemption is a new take to the simple premise, but rather than just a racing game, it has a run-based campaign with randomised missions and tracks. There’s a skill full of upgrades to unlock and weapons to wield- including guns.

Interestingly, it also support up to 4 players in splitscreen co-op as well.

Check out the trailer below:

The game was funded in Kickstarter, made its way to Steam through Steam’s now defunct Greenlight program and has been available in Early Access.

Road Redemption is now out in its completed form for PC on Steam for only RM38.

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