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Red Dead Redemption II Outsold The Original Game’s Eight Years Of Total Sales In Just Eight Days


Red Dead Redemption II is not only a big game that took a lot of time to make, with some questionable working conditions, it has also sold well.

Take-Two, parent company of Rockstar Games, has disclosed that the total sales of Red Dead Redemption II has already eclipsed the first game. Red Dead Redemption II sold over 17 million copies in eight days. The original game took eight years to sell that many copies.

Red Dead Redemption II also holds the record for the biggest opening weekend in retail, earning $725 million USD. It is also the second biggest launch (first three days) in retail, just behind GTA V. The records hold across all entertainment releases.

As a result, Take-Two are recording better than expected results. Its fiscal second quarter of 2019 now has a net revenue increase of 11% ($492.7 million USD). The company is now projecting higher profits for its fiscal third quarter.

In other words, Red Dead Redemption II has made big money. And that’s all before Red Dead Online is launched. Seeing the success of GTA Online, the money will keep rolling for Rockstar, and Take-Two, from here.

It’s interesting to look back that the franchise was kicked off from Rockstar acquiring Angel Studios (Now Rockstar San Diego) and rescued its long-in-development-hell Western shooter Red Dead Revolver.

Our review of Red Dead Redemption II calls the game “a reminder how high the bar is for an open world action game.”

Source: Take-Two