Rebellion Announces Four Different Sniper Elite Games In The Works

One shot

Rebellion has not one, but four announcements regarding their Sniper Elite IP. For the uninitiated, this is the third-person stealth/shooter series where you play as a sniper in World War II, finding the right vantage points to land the perfect shot. In slow-mo. With body parts exploding. In X-Ray vision.

Rebellion, though the Sniper Elite official Twitter page, announced all the four projects in one thread and a 6-minute video, seen above.

A sequel to Sniper Elite has been confirmed to be in the works. Presumably, this should be Sniper Elite 5 and there will no other information coming about it this year. So it will still be a while until its proper reveal.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered. It will be out on PS4, PC (Steam, GOG), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this year. The remaster will include all DLC, especially the one where you have to kill Hitler, photo mode (where you can move frame by frame to get the perfect… shot), new playable characters and more.

The Switch will also be getting a port of Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition. It will also be out this year.

Lastly, it is announced that there is a Sniper Elite VR game in the works. The team has had experience with VR from making Battlezone and is now collaboration with Just Add Water (Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty) to create this new title. Set in the Mediterranean just like Sniper Elite 4, development footage is shown to have it running on PS VR with the Aim controller.

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