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Rage 2’s Twitch Extension Lets Players Help Streamers Revive Them


Looks like Twitch extensions is… all the rage, apparently. Following Borderlands 3 that has one that lets viewers peruse the streamer’s gear and skill loadout (and get in-game loot), Rage 2 is also having one as well.

The Twitch extension allows viewers to help out the streamer if they fall dead. When this happens, viewers get to participate in a defibrillation mini-game, with the number of participants dictating how much health the streamer gets back upon reviving.

It will also pull from the names of viewers to use as competitors during races within the game. Think Forza’s Drivatar but it’s your Twitch audience rather than your friends.

Speaking to Gamespot, id Software’s Studio Director Tim Willits also confirmed that more functionalities will be added to the extension post-launch.

“We’ll also have some drops”, he said. “We’re working on the drops for people who participate, and that will be like weapons skins, wing stick skins, stuff like that.”

Fan feedback will determine what other features will be added.

The Twitch extension is added to add variety to streaming an open world game like Rage 2.

Rage 2 comes out tomorrow for the PS4, PC (Steam) and the Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot