Borderlands 3 Twitch Extension Lets You See Streamer’s Character Skills And Gear Plus Earn Loot

With Borderlands 3’s gameplay reveal event a few days away, Gearbox is now showing how the game’s Twitch integration will be.

The FPS looter-shooter will see over 200 streamers playing the game after the reveal on May 1st, so it’s fitting to hype those streams up with a rather in-depth extension.

The extension, called the Echocast, is enabled by linking your Twitch and Shift accounts. Streamers who has done this will allow their viewers to inspect their backpack to look at all the guns they have and check the skills they have assigned.

For viewers, you need to first enable the extension by clicking on a small red vault icon at the bottom of Twitch’s video player. Then, the overlay is accessed by clicking on another vault icon now placed on the left-side of the screen.

Guns now have an overall gear score, something seen in modern looter-shooters like Destiny and The Division, but new to Borderlands.

All the gear and skill description are labeled as they are in-game. So you can easily nitpick your streamer’s choice of gear and skills, or get to see more detail without spamming in the chat.

Also, viewers who link their Shift and Twitch accounts can also participate in loot drops. When a streamer opens a big loot chest, random members of the chat will be selected to win and the winner gets 30 seconds to choose what weapon, from the very same chest seen in-game, you want. This will later be added to your inventory of your own Borderlands 3 game inbox, scaled to your level.

Interestingly, this is the first official peek we are getting on how the skills work. By the looks of it, it still adheres to the same three skill tree system, but with a wider branch. A tier could have up to five different skills instead of three seen in previous Borderlands games.

Also, notice the three skill slots with shapes other than square at the bottom. It looks like you can equip three different skill augments, but only one per shape. The square icon skills are all passives. If you want to peruse Amara’s skill tree ahead of the gameplay reveal, there’s this screenshot above, and the video shows another section of skill tree too.

Borderlands 3 will be out on September 13th for the PS4, PC (Epic Games Store) and Xbox One.

Source: Borderlands


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