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Expect Tons Of Borderlands 3 Gameplay Footage By Streamers After The May 1st Gameplay Reveal


Borderlands 3 is coming. And a lot of us here are excited about it. The looter-shooter was revealed first at Gearbox’s PAX panel and then another trailer appeared announcing its release date.

For footage of gameplay, we will have to wait for May 1st. Gearbox has given a few teases on what to expect from the gameplay reveal stream on that date:

The gameplay will showcase how the new four Vault Hunters will play and how their skills will work. Also, interplanetary travel will also be shown off.

Not only that, the reveal is not the sole source of gameplay footage until near release. After the stream, various streamers and content creators will be showing off more of Borderlands 3.

(And if you are into the secrets digging, Gearbox hinted that there are tons more secret codes hidden around the released media, including that interesting new cover image)

Borderlands 3 will be looting and shooting when it’s released on September 13th for the PS4, PC (Epic Games Store) and Xbox One.

Source: Borderlands