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Publishers Bigben Rebrands To Nacon As The Two Companies Merge


The Bigben Group has merged its games publisher arm, Bigben Interactive, and its gaming accessory company, Nacon, under one unit. Moving forward, Bigben the publisher will now take on the Nacon brand.

You may have heard Nacon as the makers of high-end gaming accessories, including the really good Nacon Revolution Controller 3 for the PS4.

Bigben is a leading “AA” games publisher, where it covers a variety of niches (from bee simulators to werewolf RPGs) with varying degrees of quality. The recent WRC 8 rally game is one of its high marks.

Now both of these will fall under the same name: Nacon.

“We are all different, we love different genres, games, and universes, which are our dreams and our passions,” reads the Nacon Twitter account. “However, we all want the same thing, the best possible gaming experience! In order to improve this experience all of our teams will now work together under the same banner.”

It’s an interesting move for a rebrand. We shall see if this will see an improvement of the former Bigben’s publishing outputs moving forward.