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PUBG Southeast Asia Championship Announced, With $2,000,000 USD Prize Pool

Fully supported by PUBG Corp.


If you’ve been following the recent news, PlayerUnknown of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fame has been talking about focusing the esports side of things with its pioneering battle royale game. It might be a bit late, but other games in the genre has stepped up with the esports- H1Z1 now has a Pro League and Fortnite started its own initiative at the same time with the Ninja Vegas 18.

For fans of PUBG in Southeast Asia, there’s good news. The PUBG Southeast Asia Championship is fully supported by the developers and is sponsored by ASUS ROG are offering a prize pool of up to $2,000,000 USD. It will be organised by Mineski Events Team (MET), the crew behind he successful Malaysia Cyber Games and also helped out with ESL Genting, the Dota 2 Minor event early this year.

PUBG Southeast Asia Championship is looking for squads from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to represent their countries to the main championship to be held in Thailand from June 23rd-24th. Winner will be crowned the SEA PUBG champion and will be competing at an upcoming international PUBG tournament scheduled for later this year.

Dates for the national qualifiers is as follows:

  • Philippines: May 3rd- June 3rd
  • Indonesia: April 28th- May 13th
  • Malaysia and Singapore: May 5th-May 27th
  • Thailand: May 7th- June 10th
  • Vietnam: May 12- June 3rd

The national finals for each country will happen during these dates:

  • Philippines: June 9th-10th
  • Indonesia: May 19th-20th
  • Malaysia and Singapore: To Be Announced
  • Thailand: June 22nd
  • Vietnam: June 16th

More details, will be available on ASUS ROG Malaysia Facebook page and the official PUBG Facebook pages for Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.