Project L Introduces Duo Play – Team-Based 2V2

Let’s go! Project L, Riot Games’ still-in-development fighting game with a placeholder name still, shared a new update today and it’s the reveal of Duo Play.

Project L is designed as a tag-team fighting game where players control two characters that can be swapped out and use assists.

Duo Play allows you a buddy to control both characters, taking turns to be on screen- unless you call in an assist.

This allows Project L to be not only a 1V1 game, but also 2V2 and 2V1. A team of two can fight against a single player controlling both characters.

Also, the new footage of Project L looks to have progressed significantly. Even the UI style seems to have locked in, using bright but flat tones for its health and special meters and chonky-wide fonts for important titles like the combo count and the K.O. display.

Riot also posted a full match of Duo Play, to see how it works in action.

For those attending EVO 2023 later this week, Project L is playable on the show floor, available for all attendees (no signups). Four characters, or champions (Ekko, Ahri, Darius plus one more yet to be revealed) are available in this demo.

Project L, still has no release date yet, or a proper title.

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