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Posses T-Rexes To Stop A Wedding In Super Mario Odyssey, Out October 27


As promised, Super Mario Odyssey was shown during Nintendo’s quick E3 spotlight briefing. What we did not expect was how ridiculous this 3D platformer is going to be. If you are already shaking in disbelief when you see normally-proportioned humans and Mario in one screen during the reveal, then keep shaking.

This new trailer opened up showing Mario, with the help of the sentient hat Cappy, can posses (or “cap-ture”. hah!) specific items and beings. This includes a T-Rex.

A frickin’ T-Rex.

And it’s not just T-Rexes either. Living beings like goombas, bullet beings and residence of New Donk City can be captured. Mario can also turn into inanimate objects like a road signage or as electricity going through wires. Mario will still be doing some classic 3D platforming, some 2D platforming and a lot of coin collecting on his odyssey to stop Bowser from marrying Princess Peach. Along the way, an evil wedding planner firm employed by Bowser will stop try to stop Mario on his journey.

You can also use those coins now to buy new hats and outfits.

All of this sounds ridiculous, perfect for a fun jaunty video game by Nintendo. Super Mario Odyssey will be out for the Nintendo Switch on October 27.