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Playing Shadow Of War On A PS4 Pro And A 4K Screen? Download The 4K Cinematic Pack


Here’s a head’s up for PS4 Pro users with a 4K TV that are playing Shadow Of War. Go get the 4K Cinematic Pack.

This 23.4GB download should make the pre-rendered cuts-scenes look more detailed when seen on a 4K TV. This is an optional download, and one that you might have missed, so here’s a link to the download for Asia.

An optional download for higher resolution textures is also available on PC.

Shadow Of War can look beautiful in certain angles, but playing on a regular PS4, we spotted a lot of cut corners just to get it run on that system. In theory, it should look better on the PS4 Pro.

Glad to see this being offered as an optional download on consoles. It helps to not raise the storage space demand for assets unlikely to be used for folks on the regular PS4.

UPDATE 14/10/17: The article originally reported that the 4K Cinematics Pack as a texture replacer for the PS4 Pro, which is incorrect. It only enhances pre-rendered cut-scenes in the game. We regret the error.