Play As An Evolving Shark In Action RPG Maneater

What if Jaws was a video game? Well, there was one, but what if it’s an RPG made in modern times? Then you’ll get Maneater, the latest “open-water” action RPG by Tripwire Interactive- the folks that made Killing Floor.

First unveiled back in the PC Gaming Show years ago, it’s finally ready for release later this week. You play as a shark that feeds on people to gain nutrients and survive.

Like a proper RPG, you can evolve the shark with new abilities via Evolutions and find.. rare shark loot.

To commemorate that, have a look at the new trailer, where the shark is munching on humans, bump on other sharks and.. tail whipped a rocket. The game’s story is framed as a reality TV show, and you can see the tone they are going with Maneater in the trailer.

Maneater will emerge out of the waters and releases on May 22 for the PS4, PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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