E3 2018: Here’s All the Big Game Announcements From The PC Gaming Show

Too many games!

Always the dark horse, PC Gaming Show caters to the many niche games most E3-goers would not touch, but it’s nice to see them continuing on doing this. Yes, it has some cringe moments, but when it comes to the video games, there’s a lot on show here.

A lot.


You can’t spell satisfactory without “factory”.Developed by Coffee Stain Studios, this is way different from the meme game Goat Simulator. It’s a legit automation building simulation game, played in the first-person.

You are an engineer set in an alien planet and you need to gather resources to build tools, which helps gather more resources to build even bigger tools and machinery. Co-op is available.

Think Factorio but first-person.

Neo Cab

Play as a cab driver in a future dystopia where you are the last kind in the world. Featuring a strong artstyle and synthwave soundtrack. It’s a game about talking and listening to your passangers to get good ratings and cash, so you can find out what happened to your missing friend on the side.

Mavericks: Proving Grounds

The first gameplay of the 1000-man MMO with a 400-player battle royale with five-man squads was shown. Building destruction and cover mechanics were shown in the trailer. Blood trails, footsteps and foliage destruction can be seen, allowing players to be able to hunt other players down more effectively, and more skill is needed to avoid unfavourable confrontation.

It was mentioned also that it will have a social hub for the MMO portion of the game. The battle royale portion of the game, Proving Grounds, will be out later this year.

The Forgotten City

An award-winning mod now turned into its own standalone game. The Forgotten City was a mod for Skyrim, turning it into an exploration game where the population of the city are dead for breaking an unknown law.

You have the powers to rewind time over and over, Groundhog-Day style, in an attempt to stop the citizens from their imminent death.

While the premise is the same, the full release will have combat and wall-climbing, better production values in the form of professional voice acting, motion capture and an orchestral score.

It will be out on 2019.

Star Control: Origins

Announced in 2016, this is Stardock’s new take on the Star Control IP, which is now described as an open universe action RPG. It is played in a top-down perspective. Other aliens are simulated and will explore their way around the universe like you do, and you can land on all the planets to explore.

Modding is supported. multiplayer mode separate from the single player.

It will be out on September 20th.

Hunt: Showdown

Crytek’s new take on a multiplayer game, still. in Early Access has a trailer showcasing  new content that will arrive in an upcoming patch.

Archangel: Hellfire

This is the multiplayer version to Archangel, a VR mech game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

It is now in early access, out in July 17th.

The Sinking City

From the makes of the recent Sherlock Holmes games Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter, this is an open world investigation game inspired by Lovecraft. There’s a mystery to uncover and a sanity meter to juggle. Eldricth horror monsters do appear, and you do have weapons but they are very limited.


New expansion content for the free-to-play game. A new cinematic quest called The Sacrifice will be available as well as the long teased Umbra Warframe variants. It will be out this week for PC.

Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza 0, Valkyria Chronicles 4 On PC

The three Japanese Sega games are getting a PC port. Yakuza 0 will be out in August, with the other two coming soon.

Killing Floor 2

The Summer Sideshow: Treacherous Skies update was announced, available on today on PC and consoles. It will have a free weekend if you want to check out the co-op zombie shooter.


A new game by Tripwire as a publisher (which will also publish Road Redemption). They are working with Blindslide , whose founder was the modder that made Killing Floor. It’s the Jaws game you wanted- an open world action RPG where you play the shark. It will have a full single-player campaign and a skill tree.


Untitled Publisher- Bravery Network Online, Morning Star, Overwhelm

A new publisher simply named Untitled Publisher revealed themselves with three game announcements.

Bravery Network Online is a pretty turn-based strategy with a cheery look despite the post-apocalypse setting, set to be released in 2019.

Morning Star is a farming-game with a cyberpunk bend.

Overwhelm is a twin-stick shooter action horror where the enemies are getting the power–ups and not you. It is out now.

Jurassic World Evolution

Frontier Development’s new park-building game is out now. Listen to Jeff Goldblum being preplexed by mankind still wanting to make a theme park by resurrecting dinosaurs with despite the many failuers seen in the movies. Maybe you can do a better job and impress Jeff Goldblum?


It is an open world VR game by Insomniac Games published by Oculus. Fly, climb and shoot enemies while you bolt on new upgrades for your android. The world will be changing weekly, giving more opportunities to explore.

Night Call

Another game where you are a taxi driver, interestingly enough, but this one is set in modern-day Paris and you have to investigate a mystery while doing you can duties. It is published by Raw Fury and set to arrive next year for PC and consoles.


An open world exploration game with an amazing rotorscope/line-art aesthetic. It’s gorgous. No combat, the developers confirmed, which means more time to soak in these amazing aesthetic.

Star Citizen

The long in development game with a gargantuan scope has a new trailer. A new alpha update for the immersive sci-fi game will be avaialbe soon.

Genesis Alpha One

Build a spaceship, explore the planet and grab aliens like a rougelike, then splice some genes to make your crew stronger. An outbreak will happen within the spaceship so get ready to defend it like a horde shooter.

It’s an interesting splice of genres, and will be out in September.

Don’t Starve: Hamlet

A new DLC for survival game Don;t Starve. It will be out in December.

Just Cause 4

A new trailer showcasing the power of the new APEX (Avalance Open World Engine). Physical winds, weather, long draw distance are among the new features for the open world destruction game, set to be released in December.

Overkill’s The Walking dead

After months of teasing the new co-op FPS by Payday 2 developers Overkill, we now have some gameplay.

It will be out on November 8 for the rest of the world, November 6 in North and South America.

The Walking Dead The Final season

Play Clementine once more in the final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. It will feature a more open-ended quick-time-events and an over-the-shoulder camera. It will be out on August 14th.


A pixel art rougelike game where each pixel is simulated. You don’t need realistic artstyle to have fun physics shenanigans, as proven in this trailer here.

Two Point Hospital

Two of the developers from Two Point Studios were on stage with doctor coats, which lead to an unfortunate mic issue. The hilarity of what’s on stage matches the odd, charming humour seen in this new trailer here. New diseases were shown like Turtle Head and a monobrow infestation.

Realm Royale

A reminder that Realm Royale, an entirely new game previously annouced as Paladins Battlegrounds is out now in Early Access, playable for free.


Adorable game that is part Harvest Moon part Pokemon part Animal Crossing shows off its combat. By combat, it means two ooblets boogieing to some funky beats.After listening to fan feedback, the adorable little creatures should not fight like pokemons do so the developers reworked it.

Anno 1800

Ubisoft has another game that did not make it to their own press conference. Here’s another look at this city-building game, now entering the 19th century.

Rapture Rejects

A collaboration between Galvanic and Explosm- the people behind the Cynanide and Happiness webcomics. It’s an isometric battle royale with the art style of the silly webcomic.

It will be out sometime this year.

Hitman 2

Ending the show was a longer look at the first map for Hitman 2- Miami. More footage of the location- a racetrack with tons of opportunities to take out the two targets. Like setting the podium on fire.

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