Paradox Revealed Its The Sims Competitor Life By You

At the Paradox Announcement show, Paradox Interactive finally unveiled its long-in-the-works game by Paradox Tectonic, Life By You.

The short teaser revealed the first look of this upcoming life sim game, in similar veins to The Sims. The team at Paradox Tectonic has Rod Humble. Humble previously served as the head of The Sims label at EA, and also CEO of Linden Labs- the makers of virtual world game Second Life.

The teaser showed clips of people hiking and doing yoga a hill, a car going around town, some form of build mode, a family in a home, and someone cooking (which, disappointingly nothing was on fire).

A dedicated presentation for Life By You will be revealed on March 20 on their YouTube channel.

Paradox hit gold with Cities Skylines being able to eclipse SimCity as the de-facto city builder. That game is getting a sequel this year, also announced at the Paradox Announce stream. Can Life By You be that to The Sims? Between this and the indie efforts of Paralives, this niche of a genre is getting more players in and that’s exciting to see.

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